The Statement Stated, " I Am Simon Ekpa, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu' S Disciple On Biafra Restoration. " -
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The Statement Stated, ” I am Simon Ekpa, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’ s Disciple On Biafra Restoration. “


The visit of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi (a controversial Islamic cleric) to Yorubaland has welcomed uprising, as exodus of Sunday Igboho’ s supporters alongside his mother visited Igboho town where Gumi visited to offer prayers in a bid to nullify the effect of Gumi’ s visit.

Notwithstanding, Sheikh Gumi’ s visit to Yorubaland has continued to be trailed by criticisms after he was reportedly seen in a video clip moving around Igboho town in Yorubaland.

In a swift reaction to Sheikh Gumi’ s visit, Sunday Igboho’ s mother and Sheikh Abdul Raheem Aduanigba, the Chief Imam of Yoruba in Ilorin, alongside others visited the spot where Gumi shot the video during his stay in the town.


Aduranigba who frowned at the visit said: ” Yoruba people are worried about Gumi’ s visit to Igboho and I went to Igboho town with some other persons to find out what really happened. I visited the Kabiyesi, Onigboho of Igboho (Oba John Bolarinwa) and he told me that nobody gave Gumi land in the town.

” The people of the town also said they didn’ t know when he came and they said he must not come again. He is the spokesperson for bandits. They (residents) did not want him to ever come to their town again.

” We don’ t want what happened in Igangan to happen in Igboho or anywhere in Yorubaland. The people of Igboho said they don’ t want him and that he must never come there again. We don’ t want bandits here, we don’ t want him to use religion to deceive our people and we were happy that nobody gave him land there. ”


Meanwhile, there are also speculations that Gumi had an ulterior motive and that the visit must be investigated by security agencies.

One of Sunday Igboho’ s supporters said:

” There is no relationship between Sunday Igboho and Gumi and that is why his visit to Igboho town made people curious. Gumi has an ulterior motive for the visit and security agencies must probe this and make this known to the public.

” We do not want Gumi and his bandits in Igboho or in any part of Yorubaland. We have to be vigilant to prevent him and his likes from importing bandits into this region. ”

Reactions Trailed On Social Media

@Joel Adeyemi said, ” I am sure someone must have been insider to Gumi visit to Igboho and if you look deeply there must have been religion connection and this is where we the Yoruba must be extremely careful for the Fulanis are now trying divide and rule. ”

@Habeeb Olawale said, ” What’ s the mission of this bandit minister in Yoruba land, what is he looking for, you will never archive your aim in Yoruba land lailai. ”

@Talo Baio said, ” He definitely made that visit to pass a message. Either to come and boast that as a descendant of uthman Dan fodio, his folks as always believe they own all of Nigeria or he has come to ascertain how their foot soldiers, bandits and terrorists can come and wreck havoc in the southwest. Southwest political office holders must not all be so blinded by this tragedy that buhari’ s govt is hell bent on wrecking over the sub region. ”

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