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The Story Of How Fela Kuti Married 27 Women On The Same Day And His Reasons For Marrying Them


The King of Afro beats in Nigeria Fela Anikulapo Kuti, lived an extravagant lifestyle when he was alive. He lived as if he had no problems or even as I’d there’s no tomorrow, he sang, he danced, he smoked and even got married to several Women. One thing that Fela did that surprised alot of people was the fact that he got married to 27 different Women on the same day, this event actually took place back then in the year 1978.

Lots of people saw Fela as a strange creature so this move was not really strange to them. Even though it may not look very weird to some people , there is actually a back story that led to the event.


In the year 1977, there was a soldier attack on Fela’s commune which rendered many of his band members to be homeless. Fela had to look for a way to keep his band members together, he went ahead to take a weird and unusual decision. Fela took a piece of paper and gave it to the female members of his band, he asked them to write down their names if they would like to get married to him.


Luckily enough for him all the 27 female band members agreed to marry him and they all wrote down their names on the paper. People claimed that some parents did not even agree to the marriage of Fela. Fela got married to the 27 Women with their consent on February 20, the year 1978. They all got married in the presence of 12 Ifa priests, this event took place at the Parisona Hotel in Lagos.

Fela did not just marry these Women just for the fun of it, but he got married to them because he wanted to keep them safe and keep them all together. Fela’s family, band members and even his friends all attended the wedding ceremony.


The Marriage ceremony was a fun filled one, Fela sprayed his wives with some naira notes and he also gave them their marriage certificates. After the marriage Fela and his 27 wives all travelled to Ghana for their honeymoon. They all lived together for a while and his wives gave birth to numerous children for him.

Shortly after Fela got released from Prison in the year 1986, Fela went ahead to divorce the Women he got married to. According to Fela, he divorced his wives because he strongly believed Marriage brings jealousy and selfishness.


Even after the divorce Fela did not force his wives to leave his house, several of them still stayed back and lived with him until he passed on in the year 1997. Thanks for reading.

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