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The World’s Largest Gang Boss Died, 90,000 People Saw Him Off, And 200,000 Riot Police Kept Order

The gang is the largest potential threat to the world that people know. He has investigated the gangs in depth. The global gangs have handled 90% of the world ’s heroin transactions, such as the triad, the Italian mafia, the Russian women ’s army, and the Yamaguchi group of Japan. .

As the originator of Zhi Gong Tang, Situ Meitang was a name remembered by major gangsters. When he established the “Anliang Main Church”, US President Franklin Roosevelt also served as his legal adviser, although Situ Meitang was abroad However, after the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, they have been running for the cause of the Anti-Japanese War.

He launched an active fund-raising by overseas Chinese in the Americas. During the 14 years of the Anti-Japanese War, he donated a total of 14 million US dollars to the country. He died in Beijing in 1955. Such a grand funeral is very rare in the “gangster”. Outside Situ Meitang, there is a man named Lin Shen.

Lin Shen inherited the loyalty of Situ Meitang, and his reputation in the underworld was quite great. In 1992, Lin Shen died in Honolulu, the United States. The news of his death shocked both black and white, Italy ’s 3K Party, Japan ’s Yakuza, and San. A total of more than 90,000 people came to the funeral together with the Federation, the Russian Tomahawk, the Bamboo Alliance, and Hongmen ’s internal members.

The gathering of so many gangsters also caused the US police to be highly vigilant. In the process of seeing off, the United States set up 200,000 riot police in the Honolulu area to maintain order. I was afraid that there would be a fight if there was a disagreement. Who would dare to start the funeral, Honolulu also had a shocking day.



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