DID YOU KNOW? WhiteMoney Was Once An Okada Rider; See Other Jobs He Did In The Past


There are so many Nigerian celebrities who have dirty pasts such as those who were not born with silver spoons down to the ones who have really hussled to become successful. Whatever the case of each of them may be, the most important thing is that they later became successful.

This is just the case of one of the most talked about housemate of the current ongoing Big Brother Naija reality tv show show which is tagged, ‘ pepper dem’ which has been ongoing for the past few months.


Since the very first week of Big Brother season 6, White Money has piqued the interest of so many Nigerians with his unique vibes and personality, and he has quickly established himself as one of the most formidable contenders for the star prize irrespective of how his life outside the show house, began. No one could have believed it that a cute young energetic guy like White Money had done so many menial jobs in the past. His growing up was not just as sweet as he may look facially.


It was explained to me that White Money did not attend university because he did not have the financial means to do so. He claimed that the best that he could do was write NECO examinations. He claims that not having a university degree has not prevented him from accomplishing great things, and that he is outspoken when he feels the need to express himself. The author of this article worked several jobs to supplement his income before joining the Big Brother Naija show, and we will discuss some of those jobs in this article.

Okada riding

People were probably surprised to learn that White Money used to work as an okada rider, or commercial motorcycle driver, which is a term used to describe someone who transports goods on motorcycles. He made this statement while conversing with his housemates, but the good news is that he did not limit himself to okada riding alone. According to him, while working as an okada rider, he had never known that he would have made this far though he knew he had a bright future. However, everything happened so fast more than he had earlier on, thought.



White Money had also worked as a barber at some point in his life, and he was combining his barbing business with his okada business at the same time, how he managed to handle the two businesses, is a discussion for another day. The barbing business was his daytime occupation, and he rode his motorcycle into town at night, according to the man himself. Fred Amata, a veteran actor in Nigerian cinema, is another person who has confirmed this.


Fred Amata recalled meeting White Money at the National Stadium in Lagos some years ago and admiring his haircut; as a result, White Money became Fred Amata’ s hairstylist for a number of years after that meeting. During that time period, the actor claimed that White Money styled his hair for every event he attended.

Generator service and repair.

He also repaired a Tiger generator at one point in order to make ends meet. He is 29 years old and from Enugu. He clearly had to learn a great deal of skills in order to survive, as evidenced by his story.



White Money was not just only a ” hustler, ” but he was also a photographer, and he even owned his own photography studio. In recent weeks, his business acumen and tenacity have drawn a lot of attention to him, which is understandable.

No matter whether or not he is victorious, the fact that he has progressed this far in the competition represents a significant achievement for him. His story demonstrates that no condition is permanent, and that people can achieve any goal they set for themselves in life if they put in the necessary effort and perseverance.

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