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There is no bill for Corruption, Election Riggers and Fulani Herdsmen?


A Facebook user and APC member Identified as Olayinka in reaction to the Hate speech bill introduced by the Senate. He wrote: “There’s no bill to hang looters

“There’s no bill to hang corrupt senators padding the budget

“There’s no bill to hang bandits who killed Nigerians for money


“There’s no bill to hang Boko Haram and Fulani Herdsmen massacring our people

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“There’s no bill to hang party thieves called party leaders who sell offices to highest bidders

“There’s no bill to hang state governors who loot their state dry and end up in the Senate to retire

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“There’s no bill to end poverty, inequality, insecurity or create jobs

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.”..but they have a bill to sentence anyone they hate to death by hanging for hate speech on Facebook, Twitter

Decree 4 of 1985.

“Decree 4 of Buhari at the time was about going to jail if you ever write anything about the President or his appointees, rightly or wrongly, once you write about Buhari or his criminal thugs they plotted the coup together at the time, decree 4 says you must be jailed without the court…

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“There’s no death penalty for election riggers;

“There’s no death penalty for looters;

“No death penalty for killers.

“And the slaves shouts “Hurray”!

God will punish you all. He added.

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