There Is Nothing Like Being Jealous In Marriage. Some Of You Only Have Trust Issues – Blessing CEO

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It is important that we only get into relationships and marriages with people that we trust. When couples do not trust each other, they will spend their time chasing themselves and being uncomfortable with almost everything that they do.

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Screenshot 2021 09 18 at 05 33 27 e011266045a24e51b69c49ea31605c43 WEBP Image 654 × 713 pixels — Scaled 94Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has stated that there is nothing like jealousy when it comes to marriage. According to her, some people only have trust issues. Blessing CEO also advised that people should not marry if they don’t trust the person that they want to be with.

“Some people feel that when they marry, their spouses are supposed to throw everyone around them away. In a relationship or marriage, there is nothing like jealousy. It is called insecurity; some of you have trust issues.

I find it weird that you don’t trust people that you are in a relationship with. People will cheat if they want to. Cheating does not take up to 1 hour, it would only last 2 or 3 minutes.”


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