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There Will Be A Second Coming Of Jesus Christ

celestine donkor

There Will Be A Second Coming Of Jesus Christ

Celestine Donkor has decided to share a revelation she had with all and sundry.

The revelation of the Award-winning Ghanaian Gospel singer is about the second coming of Jesus Christ. According to the singer, dreams should be taken seriously, especially when you can completely recall everything.

According to her, when you wake up from your sleep and you can remember your dream vividly then it means you must take it seriously.

She talked about what was revealed to her in her dream, it was about the coming of Jesus Christ which many people theme ‘Judgement Day’.

Her dream of Christ’s second coming was “frightening,” she said, with many people pleading for rescue.

Christians believe that one day, all men in the world will gather before God to account for their actions while on earth.

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