There’s This Guy That Asked For My Contact, I Refused To Give Him & He Started Doing This – Lady

No matter who you are, or what you are, whether you’re the most handsome or the most richest guy in the world, there are ladies that will still turn you down when you ask them out or ask for their contact. This is not an insult on your integrity or self esteem but rather an indication that, the lady doesn’t want to be with you for her own personal reasons.

Some guys really need to understand this and learn to move on when a lady turns them down. Most people think rejection is such a bad thing when it really shouldn’t. It is better for someone who does not like you to be real and up front about it rather than be deceiving you.

The only thing that I won’t agree with is the actions of ladies that turn guys down rudely and disrespectfully. No matter what happened or what you might feel about any guy who asks you out, it is only right that your answer be given respectfully and maturely. In the same vein, any guy who goes on to do embarrassing and stupid things to a lady who turned him down should be ashamed of himself.

A lady has taken to social media to reveal what happened to her after she turned down a guy who asked for her contact.

See what she posted on her twitter account;
“There’s this guy that asked for my contact and I refused to give him, he started dropping hateful comments on all my posts. I’m glad I never have him”

Her post sparked reactions from people as they shared their opinions on the issue.

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