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These 2 Pastors From Nigeria Were Killed Instantly For Doing This To Their Wives


Many of the violence that is currently taking on in Nigeria and around the world has been justified by religion.

Nevertheless, there have been some religious leaders in Nigeria who have been alleged and found responsible for numerous murders. And the most shocking part of it all is that people who are involved believe they are doing the work of God. Such thoughts are dreadful to have.


Even after pledging to serve God with their lives in truth and in heart, these Pastors noticed what they were doing and still wanted to carry out their evil schemes.

Their Names Are Listed Below;

  1. Pastor Akolade Arowolo

A youth man of God of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) was sentenced to death by hanging in 2019. Akolade Arowolo was sentenced to death for taking the life of his wife, Titilayo.


Skye Bank was alleged to have collaborated with the late Titilayo. They were able to show evidence that Arowolo killed his wife with his bare hands in their matrimonial home when the matter went to court because strong evidence was discovered against him.

In the end, ” Ikeja High Court Justice Lateefat Okunu” requested that Akolade Arowolo to be sentenced to death by hanging.

  1. Reverend King

Reverend King, also known as Chukwuemeka Ezeugo, was just like one of the Nigerian pastors who head the Christian Praying Assembly Church (CPA) in Lagos.


Unfortunately, difficulties started to show in 2006, when a surprising incident happened at Rev King’ s home. Some of his church members were blamed of immorality and then later burned to death

People made an attempt to save them from the burning fir, and one of the survivors who could made it alive was admitted to the hospital, but unfortunately she gave up the ghost 11 days later. She goes by the name, Ann Uzoh.

On 26th September 2006, Rev. King was taken to court to give answers to some important questions.

The questioning was predicated on ” a six- count accusation of attempted murder, to which he pleaded not guilty. ”


He was later sentenced to death by the court in 2007, 11 January of the murder of Ann Uzoh. Fortunately, the court later upheld the death sentence and sent him to prison.

His church members were devoted to him in such away that they keep his name in good fate and continue to praise him where necessary.


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