These 3 Declarations Made By South- East Governors Will Help Bring Long- Term Peace To The Region


Following the revelations made in the press statement published by the five South- East Governors, the southeast crisis may soon be a thing of the past.

As the area prepares to see the governorship elections in Anambra State, the state governors issued a press release.

The region has been plagued by disorder and crises in the run- up to the polls, purportedly inflicted by members of the proscribed indigenous people of Biafra, IPOB.

The military presence in the region, on the other hand, has aggravated the problem, as there have been occurrences of gun engagements in broad daylight on the streets of southeast states.


As a result, the area had become a no- go zone, with residents and visitors fleeing for their lives as day- to- day businesses closed.

With the Anambra elections coming, stakeholders in the region have gotten together to try to establish common ground and resolve difficulties so that the elections may go off without a hitch.

The Southeast governors made the following declarations in a press release, indicating that the region will once again experience peace.


  1. The governors claimed that they had identified some of the warring parties’ spokespersons who had announced and attempted to implement a sit- at- home order in Anambra State and the region as a whole.

They went on to say that they had engaged them to put an end to all types of violence and illegality in the Southeast.

The recent notification that the previously announced sit- at- home order, which would have delayed the elections, has been cancelled, confirms the success of this arrangement.


  1. The governors stated that they had compiled a report from the main Igbo cultural group, the Ohanaeze, on how to best address the difficulties in the region, and that they would investigate the reports and make appropriate suggestions to the FG in order to placate the region’ s warring groups.

  2. The governors also stated that they had uncovered that cultists, armed robbers, and kidnappers had been recruited to join a gang of merciless assassins operating under the IPOB banner in order to wreak havoc in the region. The governors assured that they would be rescued.


The governors also stated that they would use a political strategy to handle the region’ s difficulties, and that they are confident that this would put an end to the region’ s agitations and crises.

As previously noted, the sit- at- home order that threatened to disrupt the Anambra elections has been lifted, and this is the first step toward achieving long- term peace in the region.

The region is anticipated to return to its normal peaceful status soon, thanks to the governors’ continuous efforts to find a solution.


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