These Are 3 Types Of Schools In Nigeria Parents Should Never Enroll Their Children In


One of the major problems children face in school is a result of neglect from their parents. The reason is that some parents don’ t consider the type and standard of school before enrolling their kids. Some are after schools where payment fees are cheap which is wrong. Good academic achievement is supposed to be the aim of parents not cheapness.

Base on the research I conducted, there are some learning environments that parents should avoid registering their kids into.

Schools Located In Slummy Areas


Kids may be exposed to diseases like typhoid, cholera, skin rashes, and other airborne infections. These ailments are mostly contracted in dirty school environments. Both the Ministry of Education and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) warned that classes must be built- in in clean areas.

In 2019, the Ministry of Education closed down more than 2000 private schools across the states due to an unhealthy environment. Do not consider the cheapness, find neat learning surroundings for your children.

Schools Where There’ s Insecurity


Learning is vital as well the safety of lives too. According to security analysts, academies, where there’ s no protection, are liable to attacks and child trafficking. That’ s why management for each school should provide security for their pupils and the environment at large.

Also, the Educational Resource Center, Abuja urged parents and community leaders to report any school where there is no protection to its office. That means the safety of pupils is paramount to the government. Then it’ s the responsibility of every parent to inquire about any school before taking their kids.

Schools With Poor Academic Performance


Among other challenges is a poor educational achievement. Nowadays, some parents tend to enroll their kids in a school because the proprietor is their relative. In education, it’ s not necessary to enroll a child in a relative school. Whether the headmaster is your friend or family member, the important thing is to register your child in a school with excellent academic performance.



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