Things Girls Do For Social Media Hype [VIDEO] - Mc Ebisco Things Girls Do For Social Media Hype [VIDEO] - Mc Ebisco

Things Girls Do For Social Media Hype [VIDEO]

The naughty side of social media has catapulted few girls or ladies and men into limelight after they did the don’t.

Our generation is so comfortable with ill manners to the extend that there are celebrities who are winning big contracts with their unclad lifestyle because they have a huge number of followers, in other words people who patronize them. And these ‘slaybrities‘ are bold and proud about instigating these lifestyles into their vulnerable followers.

It’s a trend in Ghana, a journey to fame and it has worked and still working for those who see no wrong in flaunting their ‘skin’ in the public domain. If and when you want it and ready, just do anything stooooopid, bizarre, or senseless. It will go viral and you’ll start receiving calls to clarify it, then and there, you are on your way to fame.

You and l can mention a handful of names who are in Ghana’s celebritydom for no reason but for ‘slaying’ on the gram. Both boys and girls. However, I’ll ceased from naming because l love my peace of mind.

This is apparently the case of another young lady who flaunted her full ‘skin’ and the little ‘pot’ in a broad day whiles bathing to the full glare of the camera. Judging from the video, she requested to be recorded as she bath.




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