Are You Thinking Of Dating a Female Soldier? Checkout These 5 Valuable Tips Before Doing So

Some female soldiers are extremely beautiful, it is not a bad idea to date one, but for reasons best known to Nigerian men, they have chosen to stay away from ladies serving in the military, I don’t know if the situation is the same all over the world, but in this country Nigeria, it takes lots of guts to date or marry a female soldier, if you are thinking of going after one, you must take note of these five points below

1. Avoid Cheating, but if you must cheat, make sure you don’t get caught

I think this is one of the reasons why most men are scared of female soldiers, over the year, we have heard stories of how female soldiers molested their boyfriends or husbands because they caught them cheating with another woman, some of these ladies even go as far as involving their colleagues in beating their partner, if there is something you must know about Nigerian men, they always want their pride intact even when they are on the erring side, so if you are thinking of dating a female soldier, make sure you are not the type that goes after everything that is putting on a skirt, hence the relationship will not end well for you

2. You should understand that her job comes first before anything else

I have heard some men saying that a female soldier never have time for their partner, this is quite understandable because as a soldier, she has sworn to serve her fatherland with all her might, to her, her job comes first before anything, you may want to spend more time with her, you may want her to do a thing or two for you, but if you want to date a military lady without having issues, you must learn to respect her job

3. If you are the type that gets jealous easily, do not bother going after them

Women generally need their space and the military ladies are no exception, don’t bother her with incessant quarrels, don’t be the type that whenever her phone rings, you will flare up and ask “who is calling you? who is that?”In case you don’t know, female soldiers, don’t like men who feel insecure always, give her the space she needs, if you are always getting jealous, stay away from them because you will ask a question one day and the next thing you might get is a broken head

4. You must be very tolerant

Always try to avoid quarreling with her at all cost, if you cannot bear her attitude at any given time, the best thing to do is to walk away, also remember not to make the singular mistake of even trying to raise your hand to beat her, you might not like the outcome, you must learn to tolerate her, if you feel she did something that you cannot forgive her, just walk away from the relationship, it is for the best

5. Try to provide for her needs to the best of your ability

This last tip does not apply to military ladies alone but to women generally, as my father would say ” If you are not ready to take care of the needs of a woman, don’t bother going after her, instead you should learn to stick your manhood between your legs” don’t be the type of man that all you have to offer her is just sex, sex and sex, once in a while, try to give her money to make her hair, take her to fast food joints and make her feel happy, she was a woman before she became a soldier, she also deserves the treat other women are getting, for your good, if you are not ready to shoulder her responsibilities, do not go for her, I repeat, do not

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