This Is What Every Pastor Should Do If They Want The Church To Grow


Deeper Christian Life Ministries (DCLM), better known as Deeper Life Bible Church is one of the largest churches in Nigeria and in the world. The church has grown to form branches in many parts of the world.

Founded in 1973 at the University of Lagos State at the time, Mathematics pastor, Rev. (Rev. ) William Folorunso Kumuyi, the church was founded on various doctrines that make it difficult for Deeper Life Bible Church members to get involved.


And, as alleged, the founder and General Superintendent, Pastor Kumuyi was said to have encouraged his members not to watch or have television which he described as ” the devil’ s box” , however, things have changed now as the church seems to be more flexible in their teachings.

According to Pulse News, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi has been quoted as saying that he will break down other doctrines that do not take the church. According to the website, the General Superintendent of the church said; ” Before I leave, I meant that before I left, I would remove everything I had set up, which I thought would help Deeper Life and make us holy, and make us sanctified and deepen. And I will send to you the pure church, before I go away. ”


It seems that Pastor Kumuyi is living up to his decisions as some of the changes have been seen in church activities in recent weeks. In general, below are two notable changes the church has seen in recent times:

  1. Successful Use Of The Media To Advertise His Church Activities:

Deeper Life Bible Church has improved their use of social media in recent months. The change in their social media pages is already evident as they now use major technology forums to promote Church activities.


A quick investigation has revealed that Deeper Life Bible Church this year, launched a program called, Social Media Ambassadors Team (SMAT). SMAT members are responsible for promoting the Church and the General Superintendent of the Church on social media.

This led to the appearance of the Church online.

  1. Invitation Of Other Musicians Of Faith To His Warfare:

Also noteworthy are the invitations of other faith- based musicians to religious crusades. This was not the order of the day years ago, but two months ago, the Church invited various faith- based musicians to perform during their programs.


You will recall that American gospel musician Don Moen was a guest musician during a church crusade in Enugu State and most recently, Nathaniel Bassey was invited to be a minister during the recently concluded ” Divine Solution for All” world crusade in Abuja.

The positive effect of these invitations is that many people have attended these programs to watch these artists perform in this crusade.


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