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This Is What Happened When WhatsApp Crashed Last Night, Details Revealed


Users of popular social media apps – Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp were yesterday shell shocked when all three apps suddenly crashed leaving a usually plugged-in world – unplugged. At first, it was clear that there was a state of frustration as numerous people across the globe checked and re-checked whether the problem was on their end. However, as has been the case in recent times, the panic was soon masked by humor as internet users flocked to the only other functioning app – Twitter.

Even as many people silently pulled their hair waiting for a state of normalcy to resume, tweeps took this opportunity to troll Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook users. Twitter CEO Jack could also not avoid a dig at Zuckerberg as he posted a cryptic tweet accompanied by Kanye West’s ‘Off The Grid’ alluding to Facebook’s technical issues. What wasn’t funny however was the financial implications of these hitches to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It is alleged that as a result of the crash, Zuckerberg has lost up to 7 billion dollars in stock prices which have also adversely affected his net worth.


Even as we wait for details on what exactly happened this was a clear reflection on just how important social media has become to our lives. As active members of the 21st century, our lives revolve around technology and its little tools. This is mostly seen in the rather unhealthy co-dependence we have to our phones. All for various reasons. Whether you’re a workaholic and can’t wait to return that urgent email or you’re addicted to the dopamine rush that comes from logging in to your favorite app – we’re all enslaved to technology in some type of way.



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