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Those 3 Things Is Not Okay For Your Partner To Be Friends With Their Ex-Lovers

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In many relationships, there are those weird situations where a partner might be forced to allow their partner to be friends with their ex.

However, there are those times that one can never allow their partners to befriend their ex-partner.

Here are some of those times that one can never allow their partner to be friends with their ex.

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1. They don’t include you

When a partner does not include their significant other in things related to their ex, then that makes it hard for one to allow the existence of friendship between the two.

2. If they still have strong feelings for each other

There are cases where even though a partner has moved on, they still have got strong feelings for their ex. Under such a situation, one is unlikely to accept any type of friendship to exist between the two.

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3. Their relationship was unhealthy

If it is clear that the main reason why your partner broke up with his or her ex is because of an unhealthy relationship, then it is the work of your current spouse to protect you.

By protecting you, he or she is likely to be forced to hinder you from becoming a friend with the ex-partner.

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