Three Major Reasons Why Northerners Will Support Jonathan If He Decides To Run For The President


As Nigerians continue to await the judgments of the political parties on which zone would receive the presidential ticket, it is critical that they prepare their minds to vote for a credible candidate who will bring about a change in the current status of the country.

Several reasons why Northerners will support former President Goodluck Jonathan if the People’ s Democratic Party (PDP) zones its ticket to the South are discussed in this article.

Firstly, although it is unclear whether Goodluck Jonathan will run for president in 2023, there is a strong possibility. In contrast, I believe that no Southerner would receive the level of support that Goodluck Jonathan will receive from the North if he fights as a candidate for the PDP and the party zones its ticket to the South.

They feel that with Jonathan as President, he will do more for them since they remember his pro- North policies, which included appointments and the founding of Almajiri schools in various northern states.

The belief among northerners is that because Goodluck gave over power peacefully and harbored no ill will toward anyone, he will not pose a threat to the interests of the region.

Third, Goodluck Jonathan’ s four- year term will come to an end after only one term, and there is a big number of influential northern thinkers who are sympathetic to the idea of Jonathan’ s second coming.

This is due to the fact that his presidency would immediately place the North in contention to retake control in 2027 if he were to win.

With the 2023 elections rapidly approaching and a growing chorus of voices calling for a power shift to the South, Jonathan, who has the legal right to serve one more term as President of Nigeria under the constitution, which allows all eligible Nigerians to serve two terms of eight years, has been receiving entreaties from the All Progressives Congress (APC).


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