Three Things Soludo May Be Expected To Accomplish If He Is Elected Anambra’s Next Governor


Former Central Bank of Nigeria governor, Charles Chukwuma Soludo, is widely expected to be elected as the state’ s next governor, with the wind solidly in his favor. Numerous internet news findings indicate that, if the current trend continues, Soludo will be the next governor of the state of Anambra. The newspaper published during prime time.

Anambra state has the richest economy in the East, and its entrepreneurs are among the wealthiest in the South- Eastern region. They are known as mega entrepreneurs in Nigeria, and they can be found doing business and doing well with multi- billion naira investments all throughout the country. Places like Nnewi, for example, are home to multi- billion- naira enterprises, including companies like Innoson Motors and others.


To ensure that this state continues to grow in greatness, anyone who seeks to become governor of the state should be prepared to raise the quality level of the state in both entrepreneurship and economic growth. The results of the Anambra state election are almost ready. The INEC is the only organization that has the authority to declare a winner. If Iater Soludo emerges from the shadows, he has the qualifications to take the state to the next level.

The three most important things he is likely to accomplish are as follows:


  1. To strengthen the state’ s security network by ensuring that the state’ s security formation is restructured in order to better withstand attacks by unknown gunmen. It is impossible to accomplish genuine progress in a conflict- ridden atmosphere. The first thing he must accomplish in order to carry the state forward is security.

  2. His involvement in the economic development plan should also include ensuring that the youths are involved in genuine entrepreneurship skills acquisition that will enable them to become self- sufficient and avoid joining harmful enterprises.


  1. Soludo, who is regarded as a brilliant economist and development strategist. Because of his longstanding relationship with the international society, he may be able to recruit investors to the state. He has strong ties to financial institutions around the world, thanks to his extensive experience as the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, the continent’ s richest economy. He was responsible for making the Nigerian bank independent and reorganizing it in the wake of the economic meltdown that had caused many commercial banks to go out of business. Persons like Soludo Solutions would most likely deliver, and Anambra would become the economic destination of Africa as a result. People in Anambra are going to sleep with their eyes closed now that Professor Charles is in charge of the state of affairs.


Meanwhile, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has pronounced the election inconclusive. Professor Chukwuma Soludo is in the lead, with the PDP’ s candidate behind in the rearview mirror. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will hold a run- off election in the Ihiala local government district, where there are still difficulties. As a result of the APGA candidate’ s overwhelming victory with over 40, 000 votes, it is likely that Soludo would be proclaimed the winner after the election, as Ihiala may not be able to muster the number of votes that the PDP candidate could need to defeat the APGA candidate. Soludo will once again share the votes with others, raising the possibility that Soludo could be unstoppable.


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