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Thugs Who Hijacked The Protest In Abuja Have Been Caught And Taken To The Hospital

The Abuja protest was peaceful until it was suddenly hijacked by thugs who came bearing sticks and stones, and they were apparently fortified with charms. They vandalized properties and beat up innocent protesters who were only there for the end SARS protest.


These thugs came at them from no where and speculations abound as to their origin, and why they suddenly started attacking the people clamouring to end the SARS unit. It could be that they are of the ‘pro SARS’ team and it could be that they are hired thugs, paid to instill discord in the camp of the protesters.

Some of the protesters were able to apprehend the thugs, and they were humane enough to put them into the ambulance to get treated in the hospital. Here is one of the charms found with the thugs, looks like the charm was not working in the owner’s favour. These thugs have no regard for human lives as they also went to the protest ground with knives with the aim to injure and most likely kill anyone who challenges them. They were mostly composed of young boys, and they got terribly injured as protesters ambushed and caught them.

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