Tinubu Went To Adamu’s House To Challenge Him – Ogunlewe

Tinubu Went to Adamu’s House to Challenge Him – Ogunlewe

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Tinubu Went to Adamu’s House to Challenge Him – Ogunlewe

Former Minister of Works and a loyalist of the Presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe, has revealed how the APC candidate, Bola Tinubu went to the house of the National Chairman of the party, Adamu Abdulahi, to challenge him he could not adopt anyone as the party’s candidate.

Speaking on a live television programme on Arise on Saturday, Ogunlewe said Tinubu is too smart to be outwitted by anyone.

He said after Adamu announced the senate president Ahmed Lawan as the party’s consensus candidate, Tinubu went to meet him in his house to say he could not do that.

Saying that Adamu was confused with Tinubu’s unexpected visit, Ogunlewe said he tried to explain himself but Tinubu’s insistence of proceeding to the field to slug it out with other contestants demobilized him.

“He went to meet Adamu in his house. That is Tinubu for you,”

Saying that it would have been a great miscalculation on the part of the APC to adopt any other candidate, Ogunlewe said the APC is too big for anyone to micro-manage its affairs.

“You cannot micro manage politics where someone is competent,” he said

He said Tinubu is more than ready for the country adding that the candidate had worked himself hard for his emergence.

He said he has personally met Tinubu to demand from him that it is only service to Nigeria that is left for him.

He said Tinubu is wealthy and fulfilled as a Nigerian adding that the only thing left for him is to serve the country.

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