Tithing Is Important And Essential For Every Christian- Dr Becky Enenche

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Dr Becky Enenche is a preacher of the word of God and the wife of Dr Paul Enenche. She’s also a pastor at the Dunamis Church International. Recently while in one of her messages, she taught that believers must learn how to take their tithe out of every income because tithing is important and essential for every Christian.

In her words she said, you must learn to be a person of financial integrity. You must do well to manage your finances so well. Out of every income you receive, whether it’s a gift, extra salary, learn to remove your tithe out of it. Gather all the money you make at the end of the month, take 10 percent for your tithe, take ten percent for your savings. You take another 10 percent, divide into four places; free willing, giving to your parents, prophet offering, and then giving to the poor.

After removing the 30 percent, the remaining 70 percent is for you, the hand of God comes upon it and it multiplies to get better. Every selfish habit, I break it from your life in the name of Jesus so that you like can move forward. Tithing is very important and essential for every Christian.

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