I Told My Boyfriend To Sleep Early But I Noticed He Did This By 3:57am – Lady Narrates

A girl on Twitter @TontoCj shared what transpired between her and her long-distant relationship boyfriend.

The story below

One night I was feeling kind of sick and too tired to chat so I went to bed early I told baby goodnight, sleep early I told him, he said he would

Fast forward to 5 am I saw his last seen at 3:57 am and he updated his status at intervals.

I immediately checked his business WhatsApp at 10:23 pm won’t say he was working so what was he doing online. I went ahead to check his last seen on free fire (video game) it was two days ago. I kept trying to figure out what he was up to the whole night, patiently waited till night then I popped the question

“you said you’d sleep early, being online no fun without me, what were you doing last night?”

He was thinking I was joking with him was sending me stickers. I chatted his roommate up, trying to cover up he said both of them slept early they had a long day.

Immediately I assumed something fishy was up. I started laying my facts down to baby “I checked your business line, and the game doesn’t game but I have the free fire game just to spy in him and know if he is gaming when he says so but you were not there you told me you were done with your new course”.

Baba started “have I given you a reason to doubt me” trust your girl and I wasn’t buying. Bros leave that thing and tell me who you were chatting with last night. We had a big argument. Guys are good they know exactly how to maneuver things I felt bad but I too a drama queen.

I said so what you were doing last night is worth all this fighting perhaps this relationship is not important to you, just tell me. he was gaming with his brother’s account to boost it. I asked for proof he sent screenshots and checked the account last seen was right around the time he slept. He wasn’t quite happy with me so I had his friends arrange a nice gift for him and sent a cute email. Long-distance relationships can make you mental but we are not giving up yet.

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