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“What I Told Buhari To Do” – Oluwo Of Iwo Offers Solutions For Herdsmen Crisis

The Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi, has said he advised President Muhammadu Buhari to sponsor herdsmen to western countries for training on cattle rearing in 21-century during his visit to Aso Rock.

Oluwo, speaking against the backdrop of ways to end the prevalent criminal activities among herdsmen across the nation, reasoned some of them resorted to kidnapping because of lack of education and access to basic social amenities.

The monarch, in a video he posted on his official Facebook page, met with the Fulani community at Gaa Fulani Odo-Oba around Iwo community.

He implored the leaders to allow their children to go to school.

“I have talked to Buhari and other leaders in the country that we need to take care of Fulani. You cannot abandon some people in the bush and except that they won’t be an animal.

“We want you to relocate to town. I told the President in Aso Rock that he should sponsor some of your men to the western world to get training on 21st-century ways of raring cow.

“How will a cow trek for 20miles to eat and you expect it to be fat? Cows should be rare in a place where it will be well feed. Open grazing is outdated, it is not practised anywhere in the world. You feed cow in a spot.

“I told the government to empower you in other professions. Relocate to where you can enjoy social amenities. The government should shift attention to your wellbeing.”

The monarch implored the Fulanis to relocate to Iwo town so they could integrate while he monitors their activities.

He said: “Not all your children will be willing to be herders. Some will be willing to be doctor, astronaut, lawyer and many others, support them to realise their vision.

“All your children will not be a cow merchant. I have advocated it in the time past that your children should go to school. You lack some basic amenities here and I learnt that you have been here for over 200 years.

“You need to relocate to town and mix with us. You are all residents of Iwo. We that we are indigenes choose this place you are living in as a farm settlement.

“I want to monitor your activities since you are not willing to go back to your ancestral homes. I charge Sultan to be the king of the Yorubas who are in the north.

“All the kings in Nigeria should integrate with other tribes, the poor, rich, low and high. The reason for criminal activities by some of your clan members is that the government and leaders have neglected you for so long.

“I know you are not happy about it. I need your cooperation to end criminality among the Fulanis.

“I pray that your children that had gone rogue will repent. Your children are saying that they need care and attention. That is what made them go into kidnapping and thuggery. We also have bad eggs in Yoruba land which is as a result of lack of care.


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