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“He Told Me To Lock The Door, Get On His Bed And Remove My Panties” Lady Assaulted By Pastor Says

The molested lady, Hlubikazi Faleni, A Vocalist, Noticed That She Was Kicked Out Of The Mission House In Durban Since She Would Not Keep Rubbing The Minister’s Feet And Private Parts.

Following what Sahara reporters said, an artist in South Africa has exposed and sued a Nigeria minister for assaulting her. She said that he even told her to pray when he was done molesting.

This woman said that after she went into the room of the minister for spiritual mentorship, he instructed her to shut the entrance door, she did. She further said that he instructed her to get on his bed and take off her Panties and rests on a towel on top of his bed, she obeyed before he started enjoying himself by molesting her.

The pace of female maltreatment all around the globe is increasing daily. Some of the young ladies are not safe even when they visit some pastors for counselling because such pastor might molest them in the name of deliverance and this is one thing the entire world need to speak of and condemn because it is evil. How can a preacher have an ungodly affair with a woman he is not married to? Praise be to God the issue is presented in court and it is receiving the needed attention. In due time, this minister will pay for all that he has done to this woman and different young ladies.

A lot of people are using the name pastor to do a lot of evil things. However, further inquiry is been done as the trail continue.

“Many are called but few are chosen” – Matthew 22:14.

Note: The image of this woman have not been made accessible for the reporters. the picture I used is just for descriptive purposes.


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