TOO BAD! ! ! See What Was Done To This Electricity Cable Thief Before He Was Handed Over To The Police


The people of Etim local government area in Akwaibom state experienced serious disturbances at the early hours of today as people gather in masses to withess how this notorious criminal was been brutally beaten and disgraced by angry mobs after he was caught stealing electric cables and all the bulbs inside the street lights in the state.

According to reports which was gathered at the scene as at around 7. am in the early hours of Tuesday a man was caught by some local vigilante groups who emwere patrolling the community.

The suspect whoes name was not identifed was said to have been the reason why the is lack of street lights and nepa in the community for a very long time, simply because each time this cables are been fix by Nepa he will go around stealing them and selling them out cheap price.

The incident happened in Etim Ekpo local government area in Akwaibom state.

The young after he was caught was taken to where their community leader lives.

The community leader Idoreying Ekpo while confirming the supect thank the vigilante group for making sure that they were doing their jobs accordingly.

He added that the persistent theft on this electric cables was really getting out of hand.

He further warned all the youth responsible for committing this crime to be very careful and beware of the Roth of the law.

He immediately called on the police to prevent the youth from beating the man to death.

The divisional DPO on receiving the distress call sent his men to the leader’ s house, on arrival the met the criminal who was already beaten so bad.

The suspect who had already confessed and accepted the crime blamed his actions on hunger saying he was only stealing the cables to survive.

Proper investigations will done on the case according to the police boss.


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