TOP 10 Most Notorious Criminals Ever In Nigeria (Photos)

A lot of countries in the world has treated many crime cases and it is very safe to say that almost every country in the world has experienced criminal attack. If you take a look at Nigeria properly, you will know that Nigeria itself as also experienced attack from its citizens.

Since Nigeria has received independent from foreigner, the country has experienced many attack from its citizens and also treated lots of cases that related to crime and till now, the country is still continue treating crime cases. But if we want to talk about crime, these people you are about to read their short story below are master in crime. Even though some of them are no longer on earth, but their story can never be erased.

See the list below:

1) Lawrence Anini.

Lawrence Anini is one of notorious criminals who caused a lot of problems in Benin city during his lifetime. When he was alive, he was an Armed Robber. He has many gang members and he and his gang members started their operations as car hijackers, robbers of buses and they used to rob banks and killed many people.

2) Abubakar Shekau. 

I know you will know Abubakar Shekau. He is a leader of terrorists group called “Boko Haram.

3) Dr Ishola.

Dr Ishola popularly known as Oyenusi, was a prestigious Armed Robber during his lifetime. He also caused lots of commotion when he was alive before he was arrested and killed.

4) Shina Rambo.

Shina Rambo was also an Armed Robber when he was alive. He and his gang members attacked many people and collected their properties before he was killed.

5) Derico Nwanmama (Okwudili Ndiwe).

When Derico was robbing, he was known as ” King of the Underworld “. He was said to have killed over 100 people when he was reigning before he was arrested.

6) Baddo of Ikorodu.

Baddo of Ikorodu was also a rugged criminal who committed many crimes like molesting children and women as well as robbing people before he was murdered.

7) Abiodun Egunjobi (Godogodo).

Abiodun Egunjobi (Godogodo) was also a rugged criminal who terrorized Lagos state. He killed many people during his time. He always seen with bags of guns when anytime he is robbing before he was caught and arrested.

8) Isiaka Busari (Mighty Joe).

Isiaka Busari (Mighty Joe) was also a dangerous criminal who terrorized many people before he was arrested.

9) Kayode Williams.

Kayode Williams’ story seems to be different from other criminals. Although he was an Armed Robber before, but he later left the job and turned to man of God and became Director General of Prison Rehabilitation Mission International.

10) Evans the kidnapper.

I know you will know Evans who specialised in kidnapping people before he was arrested.

What do you have to say about these people?

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