Top 3 Methods ‘Yahoo Boys’ Are Using To Scam Their Victims In 2021.

Cyber fraud is one of the most trending way of making money among Nigerian youths today.

I will be showing you the top 3 ways’Yahoo Boys’ use to scam their victims in 2021 for you to know and avoid it:

Identity Theft:

This is the number one from my list, these cyber fraudsters steal the identity of mainly ladies or popular celebrities and use it to get to their victim who are unaware, soon after they start asking for cash when the victim ask to meet and when they’re done extorting money, they block the victim.

Cryptocurrency Scams:

Those scammers approach their victims with investment opportunities that relates to cryptocurrency promising them huge returns from their investment in a short period of time. This one is also common among yahoo boys today.

Email Spamming:

Ever receiveed a spam email claiming that you have a gift to claim? Thats a yahoo boy trying to get to you!

These cyber criminals send spam emails to many individuals within their reach, trying to make them believe in a particular story that they have won something and when the victim believe them, they ask the victim to send them money to process thee gift and once they successfully get the money, theeeeey flee or block the victim.

Take note of these points and don’t get scammed by them.


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