Top 6 Weird Things Girls Do When They Are Home Alone; Number 3 Is Hilarious

According to what majority may believe, women are a bit more complicated than men. But it is these complications that brings about the interestingness of a woman; the weird, funny, emotional, intelligent, and many other adorable features females possess.

However, it is when they are home alone that they have the confidence to express theirselves since no one is looking at them. Some of these expressions are rather weird and many women may feel embarrassed when caught in the act of these top 5 weird things I’m about to unveil.

So without further ado, here is a list of the top 5 weird things girls do when they are in the comfort of their home.

  1. Staring at the mirror;

In general, women care about their looks than most men do. However, Poppin this face at every mirror they see in public may be a bit uncomfortable for them. This is why they tend to spend more time with the mirror when they are in the comfort of their privacy.

  1. Taking multiple photos; (social media)

Even though this applies to most men also, we can’t deny that most girls spend their private time taking selfies of theirselves in different poses. They spend a lot of time taking and deleting photos until they find the right one to use for social media.

  1. Randomly trying out make-ups even when they aren’t going anywhere; (fashion)

Most boys who have younger teenage sisters would relate to this one. Wether it’s for fun, fashion, practice, or just a way of passing time, girl are known to randomly put on make up and then wash it off when they are home alone.

  1. Randomly talking to theirselves in the mirror; (strange)

Some girls make it a habit of talking to their reflection in the mirror. They may do it just to see how they’d look if they were actually talking to someone else in real life, or they do it just out of boredom.

  1. Crying; (emotional)

Some girls pass through a lot but still act strong because they are in public. When they get to the comfort of their privacy however, they just let the tears out while they reminisce on what they’d gone through. This act is common with proud girls, or girls who just don’t have any body to turn to.

6; General weirdness;

weather it’s bouncing on the bed, making funny faces in the mirror, randomly dancing to music, acting like they are a character in a movie… You can’t predict what a woman is capable of doing when they are home alone

This has been my list of top 5 things girls do when they are home alone.

What do you think about this list?

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