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Top Bank Manager Caught Pumping Married Woman Inside Popular Lodge As Pair Skip Lunch Time Break To Enjoy Mid Day Marinating Video

A married lady from Nairobi was recently caught red-handed in the act with a man believed to be a bank manager.

The two were busy ‘eating the forbidden fruit’ before the man of the house unexpectedly stormed the lodge

On realizing the danger that awaited them, the two decided to hide, but unfortunately,

the lady’s husband had already seen what happened.

To prevent himself from taking the law into his hands or acting out of anger, the man locked the house

and called security personnel, who arrived and swiftly took the two love birds into custody.

While at the police station, the lady opened up about the marriage revealing she had deserted her matrimonial bed.

after her husband, Morgan Njoroge, failed to satisfy during the first five months of their union.

She disclosed they were even sleeping in separate bedrooms after the ‘bedsheet fire’ failed to ignite.

The lady said she felt lonely and needed someone to satisfy her , and that’s how she fell for the bank manager.

Watch video.

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