Traders And Okada Riders Clash In Abuja, Killing Five People.
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Traders and Okada Riders clash in Abuja, killing five people.

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Traders and Okada Riders clash in Abuja, killing five people.

In a conflict between traders and okada riders at Dei Dei, a neighbourhood in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) of the Federal Capital Territory, at least five people were killed and houses were set on fire (FCT).

A local told InfoGong that the community’s law and order had broken down due to an accident involving a biker.

“This event has claimed the lives of five people I know. “We’ve been pleading with security to intervene, but to no avail,” claimed a resident who asked to remain anonymous.

“We are really concerned that this situation is taking an ethnic turn.”

InfoGong is unable to independently verify the number of casualties, although one of the victims confirmed that his home had been set on fire.

The traders are claimed to have attacked the rider, whom they blamed for the passenger’s death due to his irresponsibility.

The okada riders apparently moved to save him from the attackers, but the situation quickly escalated.

According to another report, the driver of the trailer that crushed the passenger to death was attacked and some people came to his aid.

Security officers have arrived on the location, according to InfoGong, to avoid additional violence.

The Abuja event occurred at the same time that Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu reimposed an Okada rider ban in some areas following the death of a sound engineer.

Last weekend, the engineer was slain and set ablaze in the state’s Lekki axis.

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