TRAGIC! ! ! Beautiful Young Lady Commits Suicide After She Was Accused Of Witchcraft By Her Classmates


A 16 year old girl identified as Lathitha Nako has committed suicide after she was bullied, mocked and accused of being a witch by her classmates because of her spiritual gifts.

Beautiful Young Lithitha was a grade 10 pupil at the Bhisho High School, it was learnt that Lithitha had been a target of bullies at school, and she had also been subjected to serious mockery and accused of being a witch because she was uniquely gifted.

It was learnt that before her death, Lithitha had openly spoken about the insults and the bullying she had endured in her everyday life at school and also on her social media platforms, she also revealed within that same period of time that she was contemplating suicide. In a voice note young Lithitha sent to her friend, the young lady poured out her heart and relayed her agony narrating how she was ridiculed in front of her classmates after she failed a test, and how she was accused of witchcraft by her classmates, towards the end of the message, Lithitha declared to her friend that she was tired of fighting.

After holding up her head and fighting against her bullies for a very long time, young Lathitha sadly gave in to depression and she sadly committed suicide by swallowing pesticide, she was later discovered and rushed to a hospital in the Eastern Cape where she sadly died.

Sadly, in her dying moments it learnt that young Lithitha could be heard by those around her saying that she wanted to be done with life, and that she felt so empty and she just wanted to die and rest in peace, so that she can be free, Lithitha’ s mother revealed that her daughter wanted to become a doctor, and that her high hopes had been dashed by the tragedy.


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