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TRENDING: These 4 Bad People Will Finally Destroy Nigeria Under Buhari

It is no more news that the security situation in Nigeria has continued to worsen under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari. It is always as if the worse could happen at every given minute.

If care is not taken, the following groups could orchestrate the total collapse of Nigeria under the nose of Buhari.

(1) The Boko Haram terrorist group:

Despite his flowery campaign promises of ending terrorism in Nigeria, the Buhari administration has continued to struggle to contain the Boko Haram sect. The sect has continued to operate in the Northern part of Nigeria with civilians and security operatives regularly paying the supreme price.

(2) The Fulani Herdsmen:

Fulani Herdsmen are nomadic in nature. They are easily scattered across the country in search of food and water for their animals. In recent times, they have been involved in bloody clashes with farmers and host communities. The herders have been constantly accused of robbery, kidnap, rape, physical assault, destruction of properties, hijack of landed properties amongst other forms of criminality. The crises caused by the herders have continued to further threaten the already fragile unity across the ethnic groups in Nigeria. Buhari had failed to manage the challenges and they are regular fears of an outbreak of civil war in Nigeria.

(3) The bandits:

In the past, these outlaws targeted the rich and ignored the poor. But in recent times, nobody is safe in their hands. Even a beggar and his family can be kidnapped with ransom squeezed out of them. They have spread across the northern part of Nigeria to the Southwest region. Innocent travellers, traders and, students fun-seekers moving from one location to another are mostly kidnapped with ridiculous money paid as ransoms. The security outfits have struggled to neutralize the threat posed by the bandits making easy money across the nation. Banditry has crippled agriculture and tourism directly.


This is very controversial but it is nothing but the truth. The Indigenous People of Biafra and the Eastern Security Network are like cancer, gradually eating up Nigeria from within. IPOB has hatched a campaign of hate and calumny against the Nigerian State over the years. This has encouraged divisiveness and lack of trust. With the birth of the Eastern Security Network, it appears another terrorist group is on the prowl. The ESN frankly bears the hallmarks of Boko Haram at its state of infancy. They have been attacking soldiers, killing policemen, carting away their weapons and burning their offices. They are so dangerous that the Air Force has been mandated to flush them out with airstrikes. In a matter of years and probably with more finance, ESN might become a full-fledged terrorist group.

Do you agree with my views? Do you think Buhari has mismanaged the security architecture in Nigeria? Share your views in the comment section and let us learn from each other.

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