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TRENDING: Plenti Policemen Don Die Inside Ondo Auto Crash

One unconfamd number of policemen don dey feared killed inside one lone accident inside Akure, Ondo State.

SaharaReporters bin gada say di accident bin happun at about 11:00am on Tuesday around Airport Road, Oba-Ile area of di state capital.

According to eyewitnesses, di crash bin dey caused by speeding and recklessness by di van driver.

Di casualty figure still dey sketchy as of di time of dis report.

State police spokespesin, Tee-Leo Ikoro, bin confam di incident.

“Yes, e bin get one accident but I no get much details now. We jus send pipu to di scene,” he bin tell Sahara Reporters.

Inside anoda tori, Force spokesman Frank Mba bin don advise di general public to make videos of policemen wey dey engage inside conducts wey no dey legit but from one safe distance.

Inside one Instagram Live chat with pop artiste Naira Marley on Tuesday, Mr Mba bin yarn say: “If you see any officer dey do di wrong thing if you fit record am safely do am and send to work review.”

He bin add say he no go advise citizens to go about dey make videos of security and law enforcement agencies anyhow.

Mba bin yarn say he no dey encourage anyone to go into one formal argument or physical fight with any armed officer.

Meanwhile, one member of di House of Representatives, Obinna Chidoka wey dey represent Idemili North and South Federal Constituency, bin take to him Twitter handle to recount di faceoff he bin get with police officers wey he bin he run into wia dem dey allegedly brutalize man wey bin splash water on dia driver.

Obinna inside one series of tweets bin yarn say he bin dey drive along di Owerri-Obosi road when he bin encounter di ”unprofeshunal members of di Nigerian police force wey dey brutalize one civilian and one member of him constituency.”

Obinna bin claim say di police officers bin attack am when he bin attempt to stop dem make dem no furda brutalize di civilian.

Him account of di incident dey come amidst growing public outcry for di Federal goment to end police brutality and SARS brutality inside di country.

Him tweets bin read:

”Yestade, I bin get my own encounter with some unprofeshunal members of di Nigerian police force. I bin dey inside traffic along di Owerri – Obosi road when I bin see some members of di Nigerian police force dey brutalize one civilian afta he allegedly bin splash water on dia driver.

“I bin come down from my car and shapaly bin approach di scene of di violence, bin try to stop di police officers make dey no furda panelbeat dis young man wey I later bin found out na my constituent only to dey greeted with di ogbonge shock of my life.

“I bin get my own fair share of di attack. Di event shapaly con worse and almost escalate as some of my constituents wey see say I bin dey chop panelbeating shapaly bin mobilize themselves and bin want launch one reprisal attack on dis policemen.

“I con calm di situation shapaly and bin beg my constituents make dey no take di laws into dia hands. You go recall say dis no be di first time something like dis dey happun inside my constituency.

“Di last such unprofeshunal conduct of some Policemen, bin lead to di death of two young men at Nkpor. I bin condemn all forms of police brutality in very strong terms and as una legislator…

“I go use di platform of di National Assembly to ensure say my constituents and Nigeria in General no dey brutalized by yeye police officers wey suppoz protect us. I bin don make one formal complaint of dis incidence and go follow am up. I dey urge all of us to dey law abiding.

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“As we no fit resolve such inhuman, uncloth and unprofeshunal actions by violence!”

Meanwhile, Naira Marley bin cancel him planned protest on Tuesday and con give di police one week to address complaints against di Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

Watch di video for down:

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