TRENDING VIDEO: Another 2 Lovers Records Themselves While Having $£.x On Facebook Live

Another 2 Lovers Records Themselves While Having $£.x On Facebook Live

Number one rule as a player, never record yourself nack!ing your girlfriend or your boyfriend, no matter how tempting it might be. Number two rules, don’t leave recorded pr!v@te video or photos on your laptop or mobile phones.


Number three, don’t attempt to go live on social media no matter how rugged and careless you are. These couples are guilty of all the rules mentioned above and they will have to leave with the consequences lol.

Just recently, we spotted a video on Facebook recorded live on camera, which is really interesting and sad at the same time. It’s a video of a guy and a lady who went live on their Facebook page to show their viewers what they do in b£d and how they do it.

The reasons why all the three rules mentioned above are important and that it helps protect your interest in the future. Just imagine if this guy becomes the president of America someday and this scadalous video pops-up, what do you think will happen.


Always remember the internet doesn’t forget, it’s there for generations to generations and your children might stumble on it in the future. Always trend for the right reasons.

Without wasting much of your time we will allow you to go straight and watch the video so you share your thoughts below in the comment section.

Kindly watch the video below.

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