TRENDING: Wild Video Of Sl@y Queens Enjoying Their $ekz Pool Party On Ghana’s Independence Day Hits Online

Life, regardless of the cr!sis many people are currently facing especially in Ghana in this COV!D !9 era, seems to be going on very well for some people in the country to host lavish parties, talk of a $3-k.z pool party.

This video is trending online capturing a lot of Sl@y Que3ns with their $ug@r D@dd!es enjoying their ‘organized’ $ pool party at un unknown location in Accra (A Coded Location).

Today (March 6) will marks Ghana’s 64th Independence Day but it seems these sl@y que3ns and s@gar d@dd!es don’t even care,they were enjoying themselves that they didn’t mind being recorded in the act.

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Watch the video here below:

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