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I Tried To Sell A Plot Of Land After My Husband Died Fro 2 Years, But No One Still Showed Interest To Purchase It

My name is Terry, back in 2009 I bought a piece of land in Makueni. I had initially planned to build a few rental houses on it but my plans came to an end aftet my husband succumbed to death in the month of December that same year. Since he was to finance the materials used to build the houses and also pay the workers, nothing could continue without the money.

So after his burial, I placed the land up for sale. I needed the money to finance my two daughter’s education and also survive with it while I figured how I would keep up with being the man of the house. The first few months, nobody showed interest in buying it, so I decided to advertise it on all my social media platform to boost its demand by people. I even used a few friends to advertise the land through them.

However, this still did not manage to attract personnels who were interested in owning a piece of land. After two years of trials to sell the land, I never for once got any text messages or rather calls of anyone asking to buy the land whatsoevet. One day I almost gave the land up to my sister who also had plans of setting up rental houses at a much more cheaper price, then I saw an advert of Doctor Mugwenu’s testimonials of how he had helped people with my kind of problem.

So I took his number from the website and called him to book an appointment with him. The next morning, I went to see him and told him of my issue. He took out some soil from a container and then handed it to me. He then insruted me to pour the sand on my piece if land and that the outcome after that will amaze me.

So that evening I went by to my plot of land and did as I was instructed. Two days later, I started getting calls from several individuals asking if the piece of land was still available. I managed to sell it for a much higher price that the cost that I expected. As we speak, I am 10 million richer now.

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