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Trouble In Abuja As Fulani boys Pursue Protesters With Heavy Sticks, Destroy Cars (Videos/Photos)

The protest in the federal capital is taking another turn. The lives around the area are at stake as well as the properties as Fulani boys also identified to be Pro-SARS organisers pursue protesters with heavy sticks.


It was a sight as boys came out in mass with heavy sticks and other harmful materials, running and rushing forward in rage as if they are coming to kill and to destroy.

According the lady that recorded the video, she alleged that the boys must have been paid to come and scatter the protesters amd as well destroy their properties so they could learn their lessons.

Unfortunately for the protesters, they were unarmed as the directives of the peaceful protest requires and so since they could not confront them, they all took to their heels.

This led to the destruction of car glasses, body and other parts since they couldn’t find anyone to unleash their frustrations on.

See some of the damages they caused on parked cars.


Watch the videos below.

Video 1 – HERE

Video 2 – HERE


However, the protesters later came back for them when they realised they were bent at inviting severe destructions. Some peoole were captured too.READ FULL ARTICLES HERE

This incident happened under Berger Bridge in Abuja. When these were happening, there was no police officer in sight according those who recorded the video.

People should be reminded to stay safe where ever they are pertaking in this protest. Everyone deserve to live and see the end of this struggle. The young man who made the post reported that nobody was hurt during the violence.

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