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TROUBLE AHEAD! Prominent Politician Talks About Nigeria Breaking Up, Economic Hardship


Chief Peter Obi has said that as Nigeria clocks 61, there was nothing to celebrate as the country was on the brink of security and economic break down.

The former governor of Anambra state opined that the setback and challenges that has bedevilled Nigeria was enormous. He however, said there was hope if the right thing was done.

Dr. Obi said as Nigeria clocks 61, there was no need to celebrate, rather, it was an opportunity for the people and leaders of the country to do more of reflection.


According to a report by Vanguard News, the 2019 Vice Presidential Candidate to Alhaji Atiku Abubabakar disclosed that at 61, the country was at its worst state than it was in the 1960s.

In his words: ” In the 1960s, Nigeria was a safer country, in terms of security. We had a relatively peaceful country. The different ethnic groups were working together as a family. The economy was better. But everything has gone bad, ” he said.

This is largely true. Nigeria has gone through a lot since the 1999 general elections. From insecurity to economic hardship, it seems to get worst by every new administration.


It appears that a lot of Nigerian politicians are only concerned about their political and socioeconomic relevance. So it largely seems.

Before elections, they come with the posture and garb of angels and savior to the people. But once elected, they are hardly seen as they feel they now have the power.

It is sad as this is now seemingly a major political culture of a lot of Nigerian politicians. The poor masses are at the receiving end. They suffer a lot.


The ordinary Nigerians are mostly the ones who bear the brunt of maladmininstation. They suffer high wave of insecurity, unemployment, lack of social amenities and a whole of others.

For instance, while Nigerian medical doctors were on strike, prominent Nigerian leaders were abroad for medical tourism. They have the money, so they could easily fly out.

But how many Nigerians can afford ordinary Visas and passport to the United Kingdom, let alone the medical bill, hotel accommodations and the likes? Only a very minute few can.


These days, poverty has so eaten into the country that citizens now manage to survive. The economy is so bad such that the naira continues to nose dive.

No doubt, the Buhari administration has tried so much to restore things to how they were before his ascension to power and even how to better the lots of Nigerians. Sadly, this has yielded very few results.

As the country draws closer to the 2023 general elections, Nigerians should be more careful. They should study who they want to elect and be sure of his acceptability and competence based on his antecedents.


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