TROUBLE BEGINS FOR NIGERIA: See Photos Of Dangerous Expensive Weapons Seized From Nigeria Army By Terrorists - Mc Ebisco TROUBLE BEGINS FOR NIGERIA: See Photos Of Dangerous Expensive Weapons Seized From Nigeria Army By Terrorists - Mc Ebisco
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TROUBLE BEGINS FOR NIGERIA: See Photos Of Dangerous Expensive Weapons Seized From Nigeria Army By Terrorists


The insecurity in the North East may not be over. Terrorists obtaining military weaponry are on a deadly mission to seize and overwhelm our military bases, and to extend that mission to overpowering our legitimate authority, as seen in Afghanistan, when the Talibans took over the country’ s leadership after the official government was ousted.

For any cause, the situation in the North East is not something to be happy about. The military had previously lost an armored tank to terrorists, which the lethal gangs had shown.

They have again unveiled another military vehicle made by the Nigerian car manufacturing business known as Innoson Motors, which has its own manufacturing plant in Nnewi, Anambra state, after months of rejoicing with the tank.

According to Sahara reporters, the Igbo billionaire had a contract with the Nigerian government to construct over 100 military vans some time ago, and that the captured military vehicle was one of the items delivered by the car company.

What US Ambassador To Nigeria, Campbell Said About Tucano Jets Sold To Nigeria

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Former US Ambassador to Nigeria, Campbell, had previously warned the FG about the possibility of losing military Tucano Jets to terrorists. These comments came after the United States sent a number of Tucano Jet fighter jets to the Federal Government of Nigeria to aid in the fight against terrorism in the country. Mr. Campbell was worried that what occurred in Afghanistan would happen again in Nigeria, where the Taliban captured a US- sent war jet fighter and used it to overthrow the legitimate government.

Following the fall of the Afghan government and the Taliban’ s takeover of a similar high- grade military jet fighter, Campbell issued the warning.

Following the collapse of Ashraf Ghani’ s government, the US sold 23 Super Tucanos to the Afghan government to combat the Taliban. However, the Taliban now control at least one of the assault jets.

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” Though it appears implausible at the moment, there is also the possibility that a Super Tucano may slip into the hands of an Islamist terrorist group, ” Campbell warned.

Last month, gunmen assassinated a Nigerian Air Force fighter plane as it returned to base after a mission along the Zamfara- Kaduna border.

The plane’ s pilot narrowly avoided being killed in the disaster. The six A- 29 Super Tucano fighter jets were officially inducted into the NAF to aid in the country’ s struggle against insecurity.

Nigeria is claimed to have paid $500 million for the A- 29s through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program.

Finally, Campbell’ s Warning Came To Past As Terrorists Overrun Nigeria Army, Seize Weapons, Van And Mock Govt


Terrorists could overtake the military, seize weapons and military vans, and flaunt them as a parody of the Nigerian government and military high command, it is feared. Boko Haram had been proclaimed technically vanquished by the military, only for the dreaded militants to retaliate by unleashing major attacks against the Northern Army.

Nigerians are asking when things would improve and hoping that nothing like what happened in Afghanistan will happen here. The loss of military weapons, vans, and other equipment in Borno State is dangerous because it could enable terrorists to cause additional harm to Nigeria’ s territories and military.

How Bad Is It For Bandits To Acquire Dangerous Weapons?


See How Terrorists Are Using Guns, Others Stolen From Nigerian Military To Kill Citizens By Senator Ndume

The majority of weaponry and ammunition used by rebels against Nigerians, according to Senator Ali Ndume, were stolen from the Nigerian military and other security organizations in the country.

Terrorists also receive weaponry from locations like Libya and Chad, according to Ndume, who represents Borno South in the Senate.

During an interview on Channels Television on Thursday, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Army remarked, ” Most of the weaponry and ammunition they use are the ones they succeed in hauling away from Nigerian soldiers and other armed forces or security organizations. ”


” I know they have some small weaponry from up there, from Libya, Chad, and other places, but the majority of the stuff they use is stolen from our armed forces. ”

Many Nigerians have called for President Muhammadu Buhari’ s resignation or impeachment due to the country’ s escalating insecurity.

They have expressed concern over pervasive insecurity across the country, accusing the Buhari administration of not doing enough or missing the necessary ideas to effectively address the issue.

This Is Not The First Time; Boko Haram Once Attack Army Camp, Killed 17 Soldiers, Equipment Stolen


In the volatile North- east region of Nigeria, a roadside ambush and two gunfire attacks reported earlier this week killed at least one officer and 16 soldiers and wounded 18 more, in a daring continuation of Boko Haram’ s renewed rampage against military targets, which escalated with the raiding of two formations.

The insurgents also carted away valuable military hardware, including anti- aircraft gun trucks, Toyota Hilux trucks, and at least one armoured personnel carrier, according to top military sources who briefed PREMIUM TIMES on the aftermath of each of the three attacks carried out over a five- day period.

The military leadership looked to be profoundly rattled in recent days, with sources attributing the latest reassignment of top officers to the near- simultaneous and increasingly frequent attacks.

commanders in charge of counter- insurgency operations to the dissatisfaction felt at Defence Headquarters.

It was the fifth change in command of Operation Lafiya Dole, Nigeria’ s primary anti- terrorism effort in the northeast, since 2015.

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According to accounts, the terrorists in Tarmuwa Local Government Area of Yobe State destroyed an anti- aircraft gun vehicle rather than driving it away in at least one incident. On July 21, a detachment from 223 Battalion lead by a lieutenant colonel was attacked, losing eight soldiers in the first of the recent one week’ s attacks.

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