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TROUBLE LOOMS In Southeast As Fed Govt May Take Shocking Step Against SIT- AT- HOME Order


The Director- General, Strategic Planning, and Implementations of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Ambassador Tony Obizoba has disclosed that if the State Governors in the Southeastern part of the country failed to manage the unending Sit- At- Home order in the region, the federal government may be forced to intervene.

Obizoba added that the federal government’ s action will have overbearing effects on the region and that nobody will be able to stop whatever action was taken by the government in Abuja.


He made this known in a statement signed and released to the newsmen, stressed that IPOB has now grown wings stronger and thicker than the political elites in the region.

Obizoma said, ” The security situation in the South East of Nigeria, occasioned by the activities of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its Eastern Security Network (ESN), is becoming a thing that must no longer be condoned, especially with the way the group appears to be having upper hand over constituted authorities without the governors ever being able to stop them.


” While Nigerians, who blame the Igbo residents operating businesses in the region for complying with the SIT- AT- HOME order of the IPOB, an organisation that has now grown wings stronger and thicker than the political elites that pampered and nurtured them in the first place.

” It must also be spelt out clearly that there is little or hardly anything those residents can do in a situation where the group uses force and violence to implement the SIT- AT- HOME order whereas the governors that have the constitutional powers to enforce the law to their security and safety are doing nothing. To do otherwise can be suicidal for the ordinary citizens in the region.


” We can give it to the Governor of Imo State, Senator Hope Uzodinma, because he has tried a little as he has made bold statements against the IPOB’ s order. However, bold statements of the governor could bite, only if they are followed with action. ”

He added, ” The governors, national and state lawmakers of the South East and other political elites in the region should bear it in mind that, for their incessant conspiracy of silence and inaction, they risk the Federal Government of Nigeria taking required action as a last resort and it will have overbearing effects.


” And knowing full well that the Presidency of the country will, constitutionally, not fold its arms and allow a section of the country to be taken over by powers that are strange to recognition of the law, nobody can do anything about whatever action is taken by Abuja because, owners of town cannot allow their town to scatter, says an adage. “


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