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TRUCK OF TROUBLE For Unknown Gunmen, Nnamdi Kanu & IPOB As Malami Set To Declare State Of Emergency


Many politicians in the southeast had on many occasions, urged the Nigerian government to declare a state of emergency in the southeast zone in other to fully curb the insecurity in the zone as well as the activities of the IPOB.

One of the reputable politicians who recently called for a state of emergency in the southeast is a man identified as Joe Igbokwe.


According to a report, Joe Igbokwe had recently urged the president to immediately declare a state of emergency in the southeast states in other to curb the activities of IPOB and prevent the group from destroying the lives of the residents.


As long as the issue of insecurity is concerned, Joe Igbokwe said a state of emergency would put an end to the evil deeds of the IPOB.

Aside from Joe Igbokwe, Ohanaeze Ndigbo had also made the same statement. The Igbo group stated that the activities of the IPOB have gone out of hand and the president of the country must intervene to rescue the people.

Rather than make laws that would not favor the people, Ohanaeze Ndigbo told IPOB to be diplomatic and look for non- violent ways to get the help of the government for whatever they need.

However, in a news report on Wednesday, Peoples Gazette hinted that the attorney general of the federation may be forced to declare a state of emergency in the south- east ahead of November gubernatorial election which would take place in Anambra state.


On Wednesday, Abubakar Malami told newsmen that the issue of insecurity must be tacked by all means and that it has come to a time when the government needs to take a very serious decision or stop which would put an end to the insecurity in the south- east.

Part of his statement read ” Nothing will be left untouched to make sure the constitution is respected and followed. Everything would be done even if it means we need to do some things which we have not done before. ”

” The Anambra governorship election must be old by all means because it is backed by law and it must take place. We must do everything to ensure that it takes place even if it means we have to declare a state of emergency. ”


” We will leave the job to the state security service to do but when it is something which they are unable to do within a specific time, we will take a step. “


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