True Story: How I Caught My Pastor's Wife Cheating At A Hotel - Mc Ebisco True Story: How I Caught My Pastor's Wife Cheating At A Hotel - Mc Ebisco

True Story: How I Caught My Pastor’s Wife Cheating At A Hotel

Hello, I’d want to tell you about a story that has put me in a difficult situation. I am confident that you and your illustrious audience will be able to provide me with a solution.

In my area, there’s a coded hotel where I like to stay whenever I need to clear my thoughts or change the scenery. The location is amazing. Last week, I was there minding my own business, looking through my phone and enjoying a breath of fresh air from one of the hotel’s halls.

I raised my head to see what was going on around me. In that one second, I witnessed something that sent shivers down my spine. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and I’m not going to lie to smear anyone’s reputation. Coming in were my Pastor’s wife and my Church’s protocol leader.

I noticed My Church’s protocol gently squeezing my Pastor’s wife’s backside as soon as they took their room key from the receptionist. I was photographing them the entire time because I was skeptical of them.

When they arrived in the corridor on their way to their chamber, my suspicions were verified. They were truly “entangled,” holding hands like teens and such.

I’m now overburdened with information. I’m at a loss on what to do.

I can’t decide whether to tell my pastor or confront the Asafo Maame.

I know challenging the Asafo Maame is a bad idea because she can alert the protocol leader (who is physically built like a wrestler) and they can harm me.

I’m confident that I’ve progressed beyond the stage of minding my own business. The Church’s entire reputation is in peril. I require assistance. So, what should I do now?


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