TRUE STORY! When Couple Come Together To Do Evil, Wife Helps Husband R@pe, Impregnate Maid, See How They Got Away With It

It is painful how some people find it easy to abuse housemaids simply because they are more privileged than they are. One some people see that they have an edge over another person, they take pure advantage of the situation and mostly, housemaids get affected the most in situations like this.

Such can be said to be the case of 14-year-old Chinecherem Chinze who was s*xually abused by a couple she was working with in Ondo State.

As if raping her was not enough, she got pregnant in the process and the couple completely abandoned her, after she was made the leave the house.

The young girl who was really interested in going to school was preparing for her Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination, but unfortunately for her, her mother was unable to raise the examination fee.

Chinecherem’s mum whose name is Christiana Chinze had earlier lost her husband, so she was just a poor widow taking care of four children since the death of their father. Due to the lack of finance, she listened to the suggestion of her neighbour to send Chinecherem to become a housemaid. The neighbour then sent her to her own sister and husband who were living in Ondo State.

This was under the promise that they would put her in school and also take care of her education.

It was while staying with them they the man committed this evil crime again her. When her mother confronted her boss Chidozie with the allegation of impregnating the young girl, he and his wife allegedly threw her out of the house and abandoned her with her mother in Enugu.

When the young girl was talking with some journalist, she tearfully narrated her experience saying;

“I was taken to Ikare in March last year to live with Uncle Chidozie and his wife in the hope that they would register me in a school to take the JSS (Junior Secondary School) exam. But he deflowered me and also slept with me many times after that.

He is responsible for my seven-month-old pregnancy.”

The girl mentioned that when she first got to her boss’ house, they had told her that she had a purpose in the house and the purpose would be revealed to her later. At the time, the woman of the house was pregnant and all Chinencherem thought was that they were referring to her going to school.

A few months after getting to the house, Chidozie’s wife put to bed and that was when they told her that it was time to fulfil her mission in the house.

She narrated her ordeal saying;

“One day in August last year, she told me that the time for the purpose of my coming to Ikare had come. She asked me to enter her husband’s room.

I entered the room but, surprisingly, I met him lying naked on his bed. He beckoned to me to come but I refused. I started begging him, telling him that I had not done such a thing before.

“Suddenly, Aunty (Chidozie’s wife) came into the room and pushed me towards her husband. She then held me down while her husband mounted and deflowered me. I cried throughout that day.

“Thereafter, he continued to sleep with me. Whenever I refused to go to bed with him, Aunty would phone her sister in our village and tell her that I was not heeding her instructions.

“Each time Uncle wanted to sleep with me, his wife would help him to hold me down. That continued until December when we came home for Christmas and they returned me to my mother.”

Along the line, while all of this was going home, Chinecherem said she told the couple that she had missed her period, but they simply dismissed her claim. They all went home to Christmas that year and to her shock, they refused to take her back with them when they were going back.

Staying back with her mother, her mother noticed some changes in her and then took her for a test.

There, they discovered that Chinecherem was six months pregnant.

She said at that point, she had to open up about what she went through.

“That was when I told my family the whole story. Uncle Chidozie’s family was contacted but he denied ever touching me when they confronted him. After much pressure, another test was conducted and he admitted.” She said.

After admitting Chidozie then agreed to take responsibility of the baby’s upkeep and also pay off the girl a sum of N100,000. However, the other women in the community disagreed, saying that money was too small. At that, Chidozie agreed to take responsibility for Chinecherem’s upkeep during the pregnancy and after she had put to bed.

Sadly, since the agreement was reached, it was gathered, that Chidozie had only sent N20, 000 to Chinecherem so far. Worse still, he went ahead to ask if she would agree to be taken as a second wife. The young girl, however, responded with an emphatic no.

She said;

“All I want from him is to take care of the baby and my education. That is the only way I can secure my future, which is about to be ruined. I am interested more in education than marriage. I am only 14 years old and now in SS1,”

The girl’s mother also admitted that her daughter cherishes her education so much and it was why she even agreed to the idea of becoming a housemaid initially. All she wanted, was to go to school.

“This case is beyond me. I don’t know what to say. All I want is that the man takes care of my daughter and her pregnancy. He should take care of her education because it was on that basis that she agreed to be sent to Ikare.” She said crying

The mother also called on NGOs to intervene in the matter, so that the future of her daughter can be secured.

When Chidozie was reached out to, he affirmed that he committed the crime but didn’t go into details claiming that the families have settled in and if they needed anything, they were going to call him.

“Both families have come together to settle the issue. Since we are far away, they agreed to contact me any time they need my attention. Both myself and the lady’s family members are from Enugu State.” He said

This is a very clear case of oppression and injustice and sadly, no one has done anything about it because the woman does not have the capacity to fight the case.

This clearly shows how bad the system is and attests to the fact that the government isn’t just the problem, but the citizens also are.

Somehow, this girl might just never get justice, because she is poor. Something should be done, else, the poor would always be oppressed.

What do you think about the man? What do you think about the situation and her mother’s reaction to everything? Kindly share your opinion in the comment section.


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