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TRUE STORY: How I Was Kidnapped By Fulani Herdsmen On My Way To Jos- Joel Maiwada

A lady identified as Joel Maiwada took to her Twitter page on Thursday, to explain the incident that happened to her while she was traveling to her town in Jos.

Joel Maiwada revealed that she and her brother was attacked by suspected Fulani Herdsmen and she got to understand that she was kidnapped after her brother was nearly killed while he was trying to avoid the incident from happening.

Joel Maiwada added that she was taken into a cave by the Herdsmen who also refused to feed her or protect her during her stay in the cave. While in the cave, she added that she came in contact with a big snake but the Herdsmen came to her rescue and were able to kill the same after several minutes.

Below is a detailed explanation about how the young lady, Joel Maiwada, and her brother were attacked and kidnapped on their way to Jos. See below.

How we followed a small car in other to get to our destination

” My brother and our niece were going to Jos and we were trying to catch up cause it was getting late. When we got to vom, we were happy cos we that place to Jos ain’ t far. ”

” On passing a small village, a Volkswagen Sharon overtook us and we were just following the vehicle because the driver seems to know the road very well. About a kilometer, after the village, we saw 2 guys walking by the roadside as if they were going to the next village. ”

” I was happy because it’ s not too dark and people were still moving, it was about 7: 15 pm. A few meters after passing those guys, then we saw Fulani guys with torchlights flashing at the Volkswagen Sharon filled with passengers and the driver stopped. ”

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” How we came in contact with Fulani Herdsmen”

” At first, we thought they were security men, but I later discovered they were not in uniform. My brother was driving and I was sitting in the passenger’ s seat. I told him to reverse immediately but he was a bit late cause he panicked. Then the Sharon in front of is reversed. ”

” And hit our car, then he charged at them because and they all shifted and he ran away. Before we could reverse, one of the Fulani guys threw his stick and hit my brother(the driver) in the eye and he lost control, then we reversed and hit a rock, we couldn’ t even move, so I stepped out of the vehicle and started running, found a swampy place covered with trees beside the road but the chased after me. ”

How I tried to avoid being abducted

” We were 11 in number, I couldn’ t escape because some of them were ahead of me waiting, they planned everything. So I threw my phone inside the swampy place. So they started beating me with their gun handles and sticks, pushed me back to the car and they started robbing meanwhile, e my brother and my niece hid somewhere when the terrorists were after me, which they later came out to join me in pleading. ”

” We told them to carry anything they see but they should spare us, but they refused, they collected our phones, laptops and our clothes, then they took me and my niece away. Meanwhile, they hit my brother and thought he was dead so they ignored him, I pleaded for them to free my niece. And after plenty of arguments within them, they told her to go back and they took me away. ”

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How I was abducted by the Fulani Herdsmen

” They asked me ‘ are you a Muslim or a Christian? ‘ In Hausa language and I told them I was a Christian, then they said ‘ you have entered our hand’ and they intensified the beating. That’ s how we started trekking from Vom around 7: 30 pm to Hawan Kibo hills at 4 am. We climbed mountains, walked in Valleys at night, I almost fell off a cliff, but they still don’ t care, they said it’ s a win- win because they will sell my organs if I fall and die. ”

” We walked and walked and walked for so many kilometers and anytime I told them I need to rest even if it’ s for 1 minute, they’ ll intensify the beating, until we reached the cave where they kept me. ”

How I came in contact with a very huge snake

” On entering the cave, it was dark and I saw two big bright lights moving inside. I was scared so I jumped out and told them to come and check the cave, only to discover that it was a gigantic snake, I think I only see that size at Nat Geo Wild. it took them about 15 minutes to kill the snake, they were busy shooting the snake till it stops moving. ”

” After removing the snake, they still push me into the cave, tied me and they started partying. They have crates of Can beers and a Bluetooth wireless speaker, they drank and danced to Naija music, they can sing the songs word for word, especially Joeboy’ s Alcohol, it’ s on repeat. ”

How I was made to call my family to secure my release

” They wouldn’ t even let me sleep for a second, if I close my eyes, they’ ll use a gun to hit me on the head, I was bleeding and they don’ t care. We were on top of the mountain and the weather was extremely cold, I was shivering and all they enjoy doing aside from the celebration is beating me. ”

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” That’ s how we stayed till daybreak and they started telling me to start calling my people, that they gave me 24 hours to live. If I call a number and they didn’ t pick or the line is off, fresh beating will start until I was able to get my younger brother. ”

How ransom was paid to the Fulani Herdsmen

” Then the negotiations started, they requested 10 million naira as a ransom for my release. Anytime the negotiation did not favor them, they’ ll start beating me. During the day, I engaged some of them with gist, asked them a few questions. (gist for another day). Beside me. Human bones were scattered inside the cave, I asked them whose bones were those, they said some people killed their family members, that they refused to come to pay the ransom, so they allowed the guy to die of hunger (heartless people). ”

” They said that’ s how they will starve me too. They left me without even drinking water, I pleaded with them but they refused, I waited and waited while praying my last prayers because they already called the people buying organs and they also have an operation to go again that evening. ”

” I have a lot to say and I haven’ t even told you guys how God did it for me and so many things I saw. (Gist for another day). I want to Appreciate God for coming through for me and also for my family. “


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