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Truly, Talents Abound in Nigeria. See The Helicopter This Young Man Built For Nigeria Army (Photos)

Nigeria and Nigerians are no doubt, specially blessed with talented youths in different sectors and vocation. I’ve heard and know some talented Nigerians who have built things like helicopters, cars, drones and some other technologies with the little materials available for the to use. The fact that these guys are not even getting any form of support from the government (both at State and Federal level) but still able to come up with all these amazing stuff points to one fact which is, “creativity”.

This young unnamed Nigeria man has once again, demonstrated his creative skill and show case his talents as build a Helicopter for Nigeria Army.

If these people can get the right support from the Nigerian government, they are capable of getting much better with their creativity skill.

This young man has an amazing talent, his courage and determination is second to none. According to result of my findings about the guy, he has been building things for years now, he didn’t just start today.

Report had it that the Rigasa Kaduna based young man, started by building a bicycle then a car( Lamborghini aventador) and now a helicopter. I was reliably informed that, he’s been doing this for yr (almost 6yr) now, and he still hasn’t given up.

If this young man was to be from any of these developed countries like China, Japan, USA etc, that doesn’t joke with technology advancement and or improvements, they would have support and help him to fulfil his dreams and by so doing, generates I come to the country and help their economy.

Unfortunately in Nigeria, things are done differently as we care less about people’s talents especially, when we won’t directly benefit from such a talent.

Nigeria system is designed and programmed, to discourage youths with special abilities and before you know it, majority end up giving up on their skills. The few ones who succeeded are the ones that are privileged to run out of this country to Europe where their skills is highly appreciated.

Kudos to the young man. I pray God connect h with his destiny helper who will take him out of this country.


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