TRUTH IS OUT! Released Sunday Igboho Associate Reveals The Shocking Things DSS Did In Igboho’s Residence; See What He Said


Onaolapo Ademola, one of the 12 associates of secessionist leader Sunday Adeyemo, nicknamed Sunday Igboho, has described how DSS operatives broke into Igboho’ s house and murdered two persons.

On July 1, the DSS invaded Igboho’ s home, killing two of his accomplices and detaining many more.

Ademola Said DSS Killed People In Cold Blood During The Raid

Ademola, the Director of the Sunday Adeyemo Foundation, told Sunday Punch that the DSS killed victims in cold blood during the raid.

He was one of the DSS’ s arrestees who was eventually released.


” We woke up to find ourselves in that situation; it was a misuse of authority by the current government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, ” Ademola said of the raid on Igboho’ s apartment in the Soka district of Ibadan, Oyo State. I’ ve been rehearsing my speech regarding that day’ s events because many of us are still suffering from psychological trauma as a result of what happened that day.

” My house was close to Chief Sunday Igboho’ s, and as my father, I had access to him and he has access to me. He did call and ask if I could run errands for him at any time. I was in my house around 12 a. m. , but I had a message for him that I couldn’ t convey over the phone.


” At exactly 12 a. m. , I moved from my house to his and met with him. ” We talked until 1 a. m. and then went outside with some of our people until 1: 30 a. m.

Shooting Started Around 1: 35am- Ademola

” As one of his associates, he assigned me a chalet in his house. He moved into his building at 1: 30 a. m. , while others retreated to their own apartments and I moved into mine. But about 1: 35 a. m. , I began hearing gunshots and wondered what was going on. My chalet is just across from the front gate, so I peered out the window to see what was going on outside. I couldn’ t see anyone but heard occasional gunfire, which surprised me much. They would shoot at the building whenever I heard ” Fire. ”

As a Muslim, I began repeating different Quran passages with the hopes of reaching the end of my life. I could see two DSS officers inside the house while still peering through the window— they had entered through the fence because they couldn’ t force their way in through the main gate from the outside. As a result, some of them scaled the fence and entered to assist the others.


” I noticed they were clothed in black and putting on helmets as they opened the gate. They were outfitted as if they were fighting Boko Haram on a battlefield. ‘ Come in two- two! ‘ I heard them say to themselves. I immediately awoke the boy who was with me and told him that there was no way out and that we needed to start preparations for our burial.

There Are More Than 100 Security Officers In Sunday Igboho’ s Residence

” There were almost 100 people inside the facility, including DSS and troops. ” They fired sporadically all over the place. They opened fire as soon as they arrived at any of the chalets or apartments. I began to pray, and I am grateful to God for saving my life.

” For three hours, the firing went on. I welcomed them into my chalet by opening the door for them. They marched right up to my head, which was on the floor. I had collected roughly N300, 000 from Chief (Sunday Igboho) and planned to spend it the next morning on something. The money was picked up by one of the soldiers. ‘ Do I look like someone who can shoot? ‘ they asked as they demanded my gun. ‘ Do I appear to be capable of firing a weapon? ‘ I was handcuffed and marched with my head held still. They then led me to the gate, where I was to lie down with others.


” At the gate, I saw one of my very good brothers, Saheed Oladams (Adogan), the Chief Executive Officer of Oladams Motors in Osogbo, in a pool of blood, which shocked me greatly. Alfa is the same way. Around 12: 30 a. m. , we were still together, but the two of them had already been shot.

There Was No Gun Battle With The DSS

Ademola denied the DSS’ s assertion that the two people slain were armed and had engaged agents in a one- hour gun battle, saying no one in Igboho’ s residence retaliated.

” Nothing like that happened; no one retaliated, no one fired gunfire at them. ” You know what would have happened if the Nigerian military had replied by exchanging gunshots, ” he continued.

” Those who killed them didn’ t fire a single shot at them” (security agents). Alfa was a good man who had done nothing wrong. He was slain while praying in the waiting room of Chief Sunday Igboho. He was a clergyman who was blind and couldn’ t see. They (security officers) simply opened fire and killed him down as soon as they entered the waiting area. Adogan also did not exchange bullets with them in any way. He was shot while hiding in the bathroom. ”

DSS Arrested 22 Persons In Sunday Igboho’ s Residence

Ademola further stated that the DSS initially detained 22 people, 12 men and 10 women, but eventually released some of them at its Ekiti headquarters.

” After asking everyone, ‘ Who is Lady K? ‘ they released nine of the ladies. ” As a result, they just brought Lady K to Abuja with the men. One of the 12 individuals was a police officer who was accompanying Adogan. In Abuja, the officer was not paraded. Instead, 12 of us were paraded, including Lady K, ” he claimed.

” They seized gold, money, and our phones, which are still with them, ” he said of the DSS officials stealing from Igboho’ s house. After killing roughly four or five cats, they fled with the CCTV and one of the animals. They left with a large MP3 player and a bunch of other items. They took the cat, assuming Chief Sunday Igboho had turned his attention to it. “


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