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TWITTER BAN: “Nnamdi Kanu Wants To Destroy The Country, He Wants To Do This By Using Twitter”- Lai Muhammed

The minister of information and Communication has made another Statement about the activies of the IPOB in the country. Reacting to the twitter ban during an interview yesterday, he said that the leader of the IPOB has chosen twitter for his agenda. He said Nnamdi Kanu wants to bring Nigeria to it’ s knees through the use of the platform.

During the ban, he was asked about the decision of the government. In Lai Muhammed’ s response, he said the action of the government was a good one and it is very important. He said that the country is at a time when Security is needed to bring everyone together. He said that the president of the country needs to bring the people together and promote Unity in the country. However, he said the twitter platform has been used by the people to promote anti- government activies and the government has to stop such activies from destabilizing the country.


Specifically, he said the leader of the IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has always used the platform to promote his own agenda and communicate with his people. Lai Muhammed said the continuous use of the platform is threatening the existence of the country. However, he said the government has to take a decision to stop these set of people from destroying the future of the country.

He explained that the government did not suspend the platform bed on the deleted tweet of the president. He said the platform was mainly banned because it has always govern some people the freedom to speak against the government. All these activies may lead to the breakdown of law and order in the country, he said.

Lai Muhammed also said that the attorney general would take a great step against those who have violated the order of the president. He said that the attorney general is an officer of the law and very soon, those who assessed the platform despite the ban on the platform would be punished.


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