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Twitter User Reveals Why Native Doctors Always Ask For Mother’s Name During Rituals

A Twitter user known as Seanklean on Twitter has given shocking revelations as to why native doctors or babalawos always demand the names of mothers everytime they want to perform their rituals.

It is common knowledge that native doctors in Nigeria, also known as dibias or babalawos, usually inquire the names of the mothers of those who go to them for help, not their fathers.

Whether it is a money making ritual or juju for protection or blood money or Yahoo rituals, native doctors are always said to ask for the names of the mothers of those who seek their help.

Accordingly, this Twitter user has now revealed the shocking reason why these native doctors always carry out the practice. He said that the reason the babalawos always request for mother’s name when conducting rituals is because they know that the fathers of the people who seek their help may not be their fathers.

The young man’s revelation follows a raging debate on DNA tests. This is due to the incessant cases of men finding out that they children they thought were theirs are not actually theirs as DNA tests prove different.



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