Two Days Before He Passed Away, He Sent Me A Text Message- Jaypaul On Final Words From His Dad

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Shine Ya Eyes BBNaija Participant, Jaypaul has revealed the emotional moment he spent with his days moments before he died.

During an appearance on TVC’s Reality Check, Jaypaul was asked about his lover boy ways and whether he’s given flowers to anybody besides Saskay.

The Big Brother Naija contestant opened up and shared a story about the last interaction he had with his father before he died – an interaction that very changed how he chose to live his life. This is what Jaypaul said about that final interaction and his expressive romantic nature.

“Have you given any other person flowers besides Saskay?”

To which Jaypaul responded:

Yes! My secondary school when it is valentine’s, I dey buy flower, I dey buy perfume. So it is something I do. That is who I am. I’ll tell you why.

So I lost my dad in 2014. My dad is a great guy, my best friend, but he had never had the opportunity like I would do all the great things in this world, he would never say to me ‘I’m proud of you, you’re amazing’ but he will say it to other people. But I always wanted that from him. When he passed, two days before he passed, he sent me a text message that said ‘I’m proud of you.’ I saw it and was like ‘Wetin dey sup?

Why is my dad sending me this?’, I didn’t reply and he wasn’t in the same place with me. He was in Calabar, I was in Lagos. Two days later, he sent it on Friday, on Monday morning I got a message that my dad had passed. So that was a conscious awakening for me that whatever I feel for anybody, my kids or anybody in my life, I will tell you because I don’t know what the next second may bring.


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