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After Two Men Attacked Her On Her Way Home, Read What They Did To Her Before They Let Her Go

A young lady has shared what happened to her on social media so that other people would learn a lesson from her experience. This young lady identified as Precious took to her twitter page to narrate her ordeal few hours ago. Read what happened to her patiently in order to avoid such experience in the nearest future.

Precious narrates that the incident happened around Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos State. She did not mention where she was going/coming from but according to her, it was on Sunday Evening. She realized that some people were trailing her. Suddenly, two men advanced towards her.

They pointed a gun at her and told her to cooperate with them or they would shoot her. Precious says ‘Those guys literally said, they’d shoot me and one breast is 2 million so I better cooperate’. They threatened to kill her and sell her breast which according to them is now worth N2million naira each. She became terrified when they threatened her and she decided to cooperate with them.

Before the blink of an eye, they collected her bags, took her iPhone, her wristwatch, necklace and other valuable things on her. The worst part was that they collected two of her ATM Cards. They asked for the password of her iphone before they left. She said ‘everything happened so fast, I couldn’t even cry’.

She said they also took all the money she had on her and left her stranded. After everything they did, she was thankful that they did not kill her or even rape. That is the only thing she is thankful to God for because, for the robbers to have attacked her with guns, they might as well rape her or even kill her.

Precious says ‘But then I just thank God for life cos it might have been another story, I am still shaking but I would be fine. You all be careful out there, Lagos is a dangerous place right now’. Precious said she has been traumatized by the experience because she never thought she could ever get robbed at a gunpoint in her life.

Since the incident had happened to her, Precious says her heart has been racing and she is shaking at any slight thing that happens. Please let’s be more careful out there because the level of insecurity in this country is becoming something else by the day.

Read her full story from her page

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